About US


Who Are We?

 Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO) is an agency that helps a person with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities to get services that are funded (paid for) by the State and Federal money. In order to get services paid for this way, a person would come to our office and get an application for services to see if he or she qualify for these services. Our staff can sit down with you and help you fill out this paperwork, if you need this help.   

What Do We Do?

 The CDDO is not a service provider. The CDDO affiliates (contracts) with service providers to provide the services available to people who are eligible for the services on this waiver. The CDDO performs the eligibility assessment and also monitors services for health, safety, welfare, quality, and individual rights purposes.   

Mission Statement

 Empowering all Kansans through informed choice, rights, responsibilities, quality services, and self advocacy.  

What services does the CDDO offer?

  • Provides a single point of entry for people seeking services. 
  • Maintains a resource list of area-wide services for those seeking services. 
  • Offers information and referral while individuals and families determine which service providers they wish to use.
  • Works with people towards admission to all needed services. 
  • Works with affiliate agencies to ensure customer-driven quality services. 
  • Facilitates a council of community members for local input. 
  • Oversees fiscal management according to contract with Kansas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS). 
  • Provides Gatekeeping services. 
  • Oversees the dispute resolution process for the CDDO area and assists consumers when they have difficulties with their services. 

CDDO Services Continued


What do we do?

Following strict state-mandated criteria, the CDDO, determines eligibility for funding for needed services. This criterion is partially based on outside evaluations to be done before application is made. The CDDO staff can direct individuals toward places to have these evaluations completed or request copies of existing information. The CDDO contact person determines eligibility of each individual. In general, you qualify as having a developmental disability if you have a mental and/or physical impairment that occurred before your 22nd birthday and that is likely to continue indefinitely. The impairment(s) must result in limitations in three or more specific areas of life functioning. 

  1. Self-Care
  2. The Understanding and Use of Language
  3. Learning and Adapting
  4. Mobility
  5. Self-Direction in Setting Goals
  6. Living Independently
  7. Economic Self-Sufficiency

People whose only disability is mental illness do not qualify and are normally referred to community mental health centers. 

Resources and Information

The CDDO has information about resources such as emergency and crisis services, food banks, housing assistance programs, clothing resources, hospitals and physicians, dentists, optometrists, preschools and schools, city offices for the CDDO area, as well as county and state agencies. The CDDO works with all agencies to ensure customer- driven quality services. 

Quality Assurance

The CDDO is responsible for the quality of case management services. Case managers assist in arranging for services from service providers to meet the individual needs of clients. Such services include advocacy, mental health care, medical care, rehabilitative programs, financial management, transportation, employment, housing, recreation and adult education. 

Providing Choices

The CDDO supports people in choosing their own service providers and designing their own support system. Group homes, sheltered workshops, and segregated activities are no longer assumed to be the first and only choices of the people served. Personal preferences and community inclusion are emphasized throughout the process of designing a support program. 

Arranging Funds

The CDDO assists your Case Manager in arranging funds and services, if you choose to move elsewhere in Kansas.

Eligibility does not guarantee immediate access to services. Access to some services and supports are dependent on funding availability. Targeted Case managers work with the CDDO to determine what funding is available. Care Coordinators with the Managed Care Organizations (or ‘MCOs’ like: Sunflower, United, and Amerigroup) will assist people eligible for the waiver to get waiver-funded services approved. 

Working with Support Providers

Consumers, guardians and their support network are encouraged to work out difficulties directly with their service providers. However the CDDO can assist any individual who is having problems with a provider that are not being resolved with the provider directly. We can assist you to appeal any part of your services that you do not agree with through the Council of Community Members appeal process.