Job Openings


                                              ECKAAA NUTRITION PROGRAM

                                                             JOB DESCRIPTION

                                        TITLE: FOOD SERVICE COORDINATOR

                                          SUPERVISOR: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                        HOURS PER WEEK: (40) 6 A.M. – 2 P.M.


1. Degree, or experience in institutional management or restaurant management, foods or general home economics with work experience in food service

2. Background preparation or experience with inventory control, selection of vendors, food service systems and/or sanitation procedures

3. Ability to follow recipes and cook

4. Good communication skills

5. Ability to follow directions

6. Valid drivers license and clean Motor Vehicle Report

7. Ability to lift 50 lbs.


1. Assist in planning menus following state guidelines and input from participants. Relaying menus to a dietitian for certification

2. Follow specifications for food, equipment and supplies procurement ensuring prompt delivery, quality and fair and reasonable pricing

3. Oversee food inventory, vendors, recipes, menus and nutrition information

4. Inventory: Keep an accurate record of all merchandise (food, consumables, equipment) ordered, on hand, used in kitchen and sent to sites, with an inventory control system. Physical inventory to be taken monthly.

5. Order all food and service items in quality, quantity, and for prompt delivery to meet menu and site needs, on a weekly basis

6. Keep an accurate record of the amount of orders placed, date and vendor contacted

7. Keep a record of cost factors per meal, for planning of menus and budgeting

8. Keep administrative staff informed of new or replacement equipment located at the kitchen, or sent to sites

9. Take an equipment inventory as requested

10. Cook in quantities of 600-900 meals per day

11. Supervise all cooks and van drivers

12. Substitute for other cooks and drive van when necessary

13.Train staff and volunteers in proper portion control, sanitation procedures and food handling practices

14. Train staff and volunteers in the use of equipment

15. Train new cooks and van drivers

16. Handle all emergency situations from planning of substitute menu items or entire menu to meet needs of kitchen and rotation of the menu

17. Ensure that all KDHE standards are followed

18. Other duties as requested by Executive Director


1. Have a valid Drivers License 

2. Be willing to undergo a background check 

3. Have a resume 

If interested, contact Elizabeth Maxwell at or call 785-242-7200