Nutrition Program

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the program. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Donation of $3.50 per meal is requested.

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Meal Sites by County

Anderson County

Colony City Building

339 Cherry

Colony, KS 66015


M, W, F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Judy Henderson

Garnett Senior Center

128 West 5th

Garnett, KS 66032


M-F 9:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Marcie Long

Kincaid Community Building

500 Fifth Ave

Kincaid, KS 66039


M, W, F 10:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Susan White

Coffey County

Burlington Senior Center

202 Neosho

Burlington, KS 66839


M-F 9:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Vicki VanKooten

Lebo Senior Center

2 W Broadway Street 

Lebo, KS 66856


T, W, TH 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Verna Berry

Waverly Senior Center

419 Pearson

Waverly, KS 66871


M, W, F 10:30am-1:30pm

Site Manager: Marie Smith

Franklin County

Lane Community Senior Center

302 Kansas Avenue

Lane, KS 66042


M, W, F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Charlene Reeve

Ottawa 1st Baptist Church

410 S Hickory

Ottawa, KS 66067


M-F 10am-1pm

Pomona Community Center

219 Jefferson

Pomona, KS 66076


Site Manager: Linda Sink

Richmond Community Building

205 East Cetnral

Richmond, KS 66080


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at 11:30am)

Site Manager: Sharon Diebolt

Sunflower Plaza

701 South Poplar

Ottawa, KS 66067


M-F 9am-1pm (Serves at 11:25am)

Site Manager: Gloria Snow

Wellsville Community Center

7th and Locust

Wellsville, KS 66092


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at 11:30am)

Williamsburg Senior Center

126 William Street

Williamsburg, KS 66095

M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Carolyn Bischoff

Linn County

Blue Mound Nutrition Site

312 East Main

Blue Mound, KS 66010


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Pat Willcut

Centerville Nutrition Site

410 N 1st

Centerville, KS 66014


M-F 10:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Carolyn Stokes

Mound City Nutrition Site

603 Main Street

Mound City, KS 66056


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at 11:45am)

Site Manager: Linda Klee

Parker Nutrition Site

423 W Kimball

Parker, KS 66072


M-F 9:30am-12:30pm (Serves at 11:45am)

Site Manager: Ann Roark

Pleasanton Nutrition Site

201 E 13th Street

Pleasanton, KS 66075

M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Sharon Dewaard

Miami County

Louisburg Senior Center

South 5th and Metcalf

Louisburg, KS 66053


M-F 9am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Shana Gallagher

Osawatomie Senior Center

815 6th Street

Osawatomie, KS 66064


M-F 9:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon) 

Site Manager: Shana Gallagher

Paola Senior Center

121 West Wea

Paola, KS 66071


M-F 9:30am-1:30pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Wymetta Barnett

Osage County

Townsite Community Center

116 W Lincoln

Burlingame, KS 66413


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon)

Site Manager: Debra Graybeal

Carbondale Community Building

228 Main Street

Carbondale, KS 66414


M-F 10am-1pm (Serves at Noon) 

Site Manager: Terri Ramsdell

Osage County Senior Center

604 Market Street

Osage City, KS 66523


M-F 9:45am-12:45pm (Serves at 11:45am)

Site Manager: Pam Noonan